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*NEW* Center Stage Workshops

This new program serves community groups of all ages - youth and adult - and delivers a taste of what it's like to be in a play at Civic Theatre. 

Specially designed curriculum takes group of up to 30 on a backstage tour and culminates with a mini-performance on the Tarkington stage. 

The curriculum is flexible and can be adapted to suit your group:

  • Home schools
  • Scouts
  • clubs
  • Etc.
For more information about this exciting program, please contact education@civictheatre.org

Center Stage Workshops


  • Flexible Schedule
  • Cost - $15 per person
    Minimum 10 ppl , Maximum 30 ppl
  • Open to all manner of community groups with students in grades 1-8
  • Other age groups can be accommodated by special arrangement

Image for Center Stage Workshops

Class Dates

Fall Session:

  • To Schedule, please contact Education@civictheatre.org

Storytime With Civic

Theatre education promotes success in school and beyond, developing skills in collaboration, sequential thinking, listening, language arts, self-confidence, personal expression, and empathy for others.

Storytime with Civic has a three-part structure based on well-established Jr. Civic programming, engaging child care centers of all kinds through different levels of involvement. The program includes an interactive 

  • Artist in the Classroom A one-hour session at your school’s facility with a Jr. Civic artist-instructor
  • Backstage Pass An interactive backstage tour at the Tarkington at the Center for the Performing Arts
  • Attend a Children's Show and tickets to a Civic children’s production in the Tarkington — either THE CAT IN THE HAT (February) or the Jr. Civic Musical (June)
The cross-curricular nature of theatre promotes learning in fine arts, language, math, and science as they learn about visual and performing arts, storytelling techniques, and the simple machines used to execute onstage magic. Each lesson will prepare children for success, building a firm foundation for further academic achievement.

If you are interested in participating in Storytime with Civic Karaline Feller at outreach@civictheatre.org or 317/853.6327.

Artist in the Classroom

  • 45 minute lesson (minimum 15 students)
  • Preschool and Pre-K classes
  • $8 per student (2 chaperones per each group attend for free)

Explore the connection between literature and theatre with one of our professional actor/instructors at your facility for a one hour visit. The Storytime visit is designed to use popular children’s literature as a springboard for a variety of hands-on, interactive activities emphasizing the relationship between literature and theatre.

Image for Storytime- Artist in the Classroom

Class Dates

Summer Session:

  • Please contact Karaline Feller at outreach@civictheatre.org or 317-853-6327 to schedule a visit.

Backstage Pass

  • 1 hr. tour (limit 30 people per tour, minimum of 15)
  • Age 4 and up
  • $5 per person (2 chaperones per each group attend for free)

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how a theatre works! A sound and light demonstration, a visit to the stage, a backstage tour of the theatre and an abbreviated acting class are also included.

To Schedule your backstage pass, please fill out Civic's Outreach Inquiry Form.

If you have questions about the Backstage Pass program, please email outreach@civictheatre.org 

Schedule Your Backstage Pass

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Class Dates

Winter Session:

  • February 10, 2020 10:00 AM or 11:00 AM
  • February 13, 2020 10:00 AM or 11:00 AM
  • February 17, 2020 10:00 AM or 11:00 AM
  • February 20, 2020 10:00 AM or 11:00 AM

Spring Session:

  • April 28 - 30, 2020 10:00 AM or 11:00 AM
  • May 5 - 7, 2020 10:00 or 11:00 AM

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