MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Audition Information

Audition Dates

Prep Session: November 11, 7:00 PM
Auditions: November 19 & 20, 7:00 PM

Production Dates

First Rehearsal: December 16, 2019

February 7 - 22, 2020 (student matinees Feb. 11, 12, 18, 19 @ 10 AM)


Director: Emily Rogge Tzucker


All those auditioning will read sides from MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. No monologue is necessary. You will be able to pick up copies of the audition sides at the Prep Session on November 11th.

Ages for each character are approximate and flexible. Roles with no specified gender will be cast at the director’s discretion. Doubling of roles is likely but not predetermined.

Character Descriptions


(male, 55 - 65) The head of the household. A wealthy and well-respected widower. A kind, jovial, and honest man. 


(female, 30 – 40) Leonato’s niece. Her beauty, wit, and independent spirit make her a formidable match.  


(male, 30 - 40) A friend and confidant of Don Pedro and Claudio. Successful with high rank in the military. As brilliant a satirist as Beatrice—witty, smart, and loves to banter. 


(female, 20 - 25) Leonato’s daughter. Young, intelligent, kind, and romantic woman of wealth—looking for her great romance. 


(male, 20 - 25) A young and handsome military man. Just returned from war, happy to have survived and looking to find love. 

Margaret & Ursula

(female, TBD) Friends and confidants to Beatrice and Hero. Both enthusiastically join in the practical joking that is going on. Could be school chums or relatives.  

Don Pedro of Aragon

(male, 30 - 50) Colonel in the military. He has just led his troupes to fight in a war, where they have survived and found victory. Honor is one of his preoccupations and he is anxious to protect his reputation and that of his friends. Has a good sense of humor. 

Don John

male, 25 - 45) The younger brother of Don Pedro. Not as successful on the front as his brother and his comrades. Often jealous of Claudio and Benedick’s friendship with Don Pedro. A self-described villain. 

Conrad (gender TBD) & Borachio (male)

(25 - 45) Friends of Don John who enjoy causing trouble. If they weren’t in the military, they would be causing much bigger trouble. 


(TBD) Part of Don Pedro’s group of friends/soldiers, good singer.


(TBD) The leader of the neighborhood watch. Has a huge amount of dignity and power in their office and takes it VERY SERIOUSLY. However, they never really know what’s going on and have a terrible understanding of the English language. Comic relief. 


(TBD) Proud to serve their partner Dogberry and share in Dogberry’s delusions of grandeur. Is always overly prepared for a disaster. Comic relief.  


(male, 55 - 65) Brother to Leonato and a Reverend/Pastor. Comes from wealth, but a servant of God. Very proud of his family and their honor. An honest and kind man.

The Watch/Sexton

(TBD) Other well-meaning, but silly people who are part of Dogberry’s neighborhood watch. Also double as the household servants.

If you have any questions, please email & attend the Prep Session.

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