Civic Theatre COVID-19 Protocol and Safety Guidelines

A Note from the Education Department Regarding Safety During Summer Camps

Jr. Civic is pleased to announce a full roster of summer camp offerings for June and July of 2021. Regarding COVID-19 health and safety protocols, we will be closely monitoring developments and updates from the CDC and the Center for the Performing Arts throughout the coming months and will adjust plans accordingly. You can enroll now knowing that the safety of our students and their families will be our first consideration as we determine how we will conduct camps while adhering to all appropriate guidelines.

We look forward to seeing you in camp!

Please read all of the information below about Civic's COVID-19 Protocol and Safety Guidelines. 

If you have questions, please contact the Jr. Civic Education Concierge, Sydnie Blair, at

1. In the event of a exposure (household or otherwise) to a person testing positive for COVID-19 OR in the event that the student displays significant symptoms of COVID-19, the student must get a PCR (polymerise chain reaction) test no earlier than 5 days after exposure or symptoms. All household members with close contact SHOULD also get a PCR test no earlier that 5 days after exposure to the student.

2. Per CDC guidelines, if a negative PCR test is confirmed, quarantine should continue no less than 7 days without exhibiting symptoms.

3. No student will be allowed to return to class after exposure or symptoms without a negative PCR test and the above protocol OR a minimum 10 days quarantine with no symptoms followed by a negative PCR test.

4. In order to return to in-person instruction at Civic, all dates of exposure and testing must be disclosed with appropriate documentation. Rapid testing is not acceptable – only PCR testing has proven reliable enough.

5. Estimated interval to return to class is no sooner than 13 days with a negative test and NO SYMPTOMS.

6. Should a student or a household member test positive, no one in the home may return to the facility until 14 days have elapsed followed by a negative PCR test and NO SYMPTOMS.

7. In the event that a student tests positive or has a significant exposure, we will evaluate the risk to the remaining students and staff in the affected class or classes and make a determination in the best interest of all involved. We reserve the right to go virtual, reschedule or refund at our discretion.

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